On the Set of “Days of Our Lives” With Taylor Spreitler


SO-M recently joined some other online sites on the set of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.” We talked with many of the stars of the show, including 16-year-old Taylor Spreitler. Taylor plays “Mia McCormick” on the show and has already seen her fair share of drama in the short time she’s been in Salem: Baby switching, lying, boy troubles and more. Our table chatted with Taylor about everything from her favorite gifts at her Sweet 16 and vacation spots to being compared to “Sammi Brady,” losing her southern accent and working on “Law & Order: SVU”. Check out some highlights below and also be sure to watch the interview. Stay tuned for our interview with Shelley Hennig. And don’t forget to watch our interviews with Molly Burnett & Casey Deidrick.

On one of her favorite Sweet 16 gifts: Shelby Young, who plays Kinsey, she bought me a really cool gift. She got me a Betsey Johnson necklace that I was actually going to buy to wear to my party, but I decided not to. Then I ended up getting it.

On being compared to “Sammi Brady” and working with Alison Sweeney: It’s cool. It’s definitely not a bad person to be compared to. I’m cool with it. She’s given me tips from day 1. Her and Ari especially. Ali’s been great. She helped me out with all the pregnancy stuff.

On playing Mia: It’s a lot of fun because Mia was very soft-spoken and she was the sweet girl that was going through such a hard time and was so down on herself. I like “Chad” (Casey Deidrick) being there because it kind of gives her something else, puts a little fight back into her. She gets to be smart again and snarky. But then still I go back and I cry.

On her Southern Accent: It depends. A lot of times I still do have to work on it. I don’t hear it myself, because I’ve always had it, but if I’m completely relaxed and talking to somebody they hear it…I hear it when I watch myself, I’m like “Oh I still have it,” but I worked forever to get rid of it. It took me a while because it was when I didn’t really live somewhere. I was going back and forth between New York and Mississippi. I’d go to New York and get rid of my accent and go back to Mississippi and it’d be right back.

On working with Martin Short on “Law & Order: SVU”: It was called “Pure.” He was very creepy in that. It tripped me out because I’ve always known Martin Short to be the funny guy and then he was so creepy. Then I met him when we were doing the voice over work afterwards for it. He walked in and he was still just funny Martin Short and I was like, “Dude, that’s just weird. Too many things for me to handle.”

Photo Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo