Booboo Stewart Flashback: 2006 to Now


-We’ve got some great outtakes of Booboo Stewart’s recent photoshoot with our friends over at The Social Life. You can see more of their exclusive photoshoot HERE. Booboo sure has grown up since the first time we photographed him in December 2006, almost 3 years ago!

Want to get fit like Booboo? TSL also talked with Booboo’s mom and personal trainer Renee about how Booboo got in shape:

“He would work out with 20 min of Cardio, and work out 3 days a week, for building up muscle, less reps, with heavier weights, for lean muscle more reps, lighter weights, and that STRETCHING is a NECESSITY !!” Booboo said he loves doing hand stand pushups and got his abs by doing hanging leg raises and following a strict diet. Find out more about the diet HERE.

Check out some photos of Booboo over the past 3 years, as well as 10+ HQ exclusive outtakes of the TSL photoshoot. Booboo will definitely be one to watch in 2010. He has lots of things coming up, including a guest spot on “CSI: Miami”, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Smitty and more!

Photoshoot Credit: Eric Shimohata for The Social Life