Justin Bieber Dishes the “Details”


Justin Bieber is featured in the December issue of Details Magazine, which hits newsstands next week. Justin dishes to the mag about being compared to Justin Timberlake, getting to meet Jessica Biel, his fans and Beyonce.

Check out a few highlights below:

Q: Your fans show up to your shows wearing the same American Apparel hoodie you wore in your “One Time” video. Are you cultivating a style?
A: I’m just a kid that wakes up like everyone else and just puts clothes on—like a hoodie and jeans and some fresh kicks, Supras or high-tops.

Q: What’s up with the mop-top hairdo?
A: I think the girls like it, so I’m going to let it stick around for a while. I really don’t think anyone’s ever done this kind of thing with their hair: I just wake up, blow-dry it, and just shake it. And continue to shake it throughout the day.

Q: What are the first songs you loved?
A: “God Is Bigger Than the Boogie Man” from VeggieTales. And when I was, like, 7 or 6, Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee.” My mom used to play the album over and over. I would go to my bedroom and try to do the vocal acrobatics.

Q: You’re single now, but you have dated, right?

A: I’ve had girlfriends—nothing really, really serious, but I’ve had girlfriends. My first was when I was, like, 12 or 13. A month later, we broke up. I had that little stomach pain for a couple of days, but then I was cool. Now I’m waiting for Beyoncé to call.

Read the full Q&A over at Details.com.