Debby Ryan Is A Glendale Girl


Debby Ryan recently chatted with the Glendale News Press about everything from her hobbies to how she is like “Bailey” on “The Suite Life on Deck.” The 16-year-old opened up about a few of her hobbies besides music and photography:

On horseback riding: “I’m super close to the equestrian center and go riding with my friends. Riding is peaceful, passive and gentle.”

On dancing: “I took classes in ballet, jazz and drill team at high school. I incorporate everything with hip-hop. With everything I do, I’m always mixing elements of things.”

Debby auditioned for the role of “Bailey” via video and immediately caught the eye of Judy Taylor, vice president of casting and talent relations for the Disney Channel. She revealed to the GNP:

“The second we saw her face pop up on the screen, we were intrigued, and we decided to fly her in to test for the role. We did test other girls, but for comparison sake, Debby won the role,” Taylor said. “She had this wide-eyed innocence and naivete. She brought that all to the character of Bailey. It was a good match.”

So how is Debby like the character she plays on the show? “We are both strong and independent and not afraid to roll our sleeves up,” she said. “I love school, and we both like learning and bettering ourselves. And she’s a little nicer than I am. I’m nice to people, but I don’t let people walk over me, and she does.”

Friend and fellow Disney actor Jason Dolley also had some things to say about Debby:
“Debby is just one of those people,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how your day’s been, when you hang out with Debby, you’ve had a good day. Just something about her — her personality — she’s very charismatic. She always cracks jokes here and there. The aura she brings with her is so much fun.”

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