Nickelodeon Is Ready To Go “Hollywood”


-The LA Times has a great article showcasing Nickelodeon’s two upcoming shows, “Big Time Rush” and “Victorious”. According to the article, the channel is “putting its spin on celebrity” with the new shows. They are comparing “Big Time Rush” to a g-rated version of “Entourage.”

The show, which premieres Saturday, revolves around a group of Minnesota teens, one of whom is discovered by and able to convince a talent scout that he and his friends have the makings of a chart-topping boy band. Right now, the actors areanswering questions on set in L.A.’s fictitious Palmwoods complex, a thinly veiled reference to the Oakwood apartments on Barham Boulevard where young actors take up residence. Kendall Schmidt, who is wearing the beanie, is saying the big difference between “Entourage” and “Big Time Rush,” aside from the latter’s G rating, is that “everyone in the group is talented, not just one guy. Everyone becomes famous.”

“Victorious” will star Victoria Justice as “a girl-next-door type whose hidden talents for singing and dancing are unexpectedly discovered, landing her in a prestigious performing arts school where the students get parts in films and are courted by music producers.” Victoria says the show “inspires kids ‘to be confident, to be true to themselves. No one’s a celebrity on the show’.” The LA Times observed filming of the show and said “Justice’s character, Tori, gets into a heated argument with a snobby movie star on a film set where Tori is an extra. The exchange ends in a high-pitched squeal and Tori being banished from the set. No special treatment here.” The shows are set to show a more “realistic” look at hollywood. TeenNick is getting in on the game too with their new show “Gigantic” starring Tony Oller & Grace Gummer.

Read the entire article for some great insight on the shows and actors HERE. “Big Time Rush” will make it’s sneak peek premiere on November 28 and then return in early 2010. “Victorious” will also premiere in 2010.