On the Set of “Days of Our Lives” with Casey Deidrick


SO-M was recently invited to visit the set of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” with some other online outlets. We talked to some of the young cast members on the show. First up is our table’s interview with Casey Deidrick, who joined the cast in May of this year as “Chad Peterson Woods,” the ex-boyfriend and father of Mia McCormick’s (played by Taylor Spreitler) baby. Check out some highlights below and the full interview in the video below.

On what he’d like to see happen with Chad: “I love what I’m doing and I feel so blessed to be doing this role. I feel like my character desperately wants to move on to bigger and better things…Chad needs to be loved. This past 6 months has just been fighting and fighting. A relationship or a girlfriend or something. Poor guy. I feel awful for him.”

On how he’s like Chad: “I’m like him in so many ways, yet I’m not. Definitely the sensitive side of him is me 100%. He’s very romantic at times and I feel I’m the same way, yet he kind of has this bad boy image. I’m sort of like that too but I don’t want harm for anyone. We kind of butt heads that way, not that he wants to harm anyone…he kind of has this image, an edgy rocker kind of, which is what I am as well.”

On his favorite music: “I’m really into the heavy metal scene and hardcore music. I’m actually in a metal band. It’s called A Dreadful Fall. I love August Burns Red. They’re sick.”

His message for fans: “Thank you so much for continuing to watch the show and me. Thanks for giving me a chance. Stick around, it’s going to get juicier and better.”

Picture Credit: Trae Patton/NBC