Chloe Bridges Misses New Orleans


Chloe Bridges attended the premiere of The Princess & the Frog at the Disney Studios in Burbank on Sunday afternoon. The movie takes place in New Orleans and Chloe was very excited about it. She tweeted: Can’t even explain how happy it makes me that the movie is set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The beignets served afterwards only exacerbated my pining for New Orleans food. I need to visit my hometown soon, largely for this reason.

Fans will be able to take part in the The Ultimate Disney Experience from November 25 to December 13 at the Walt Disney Studios Theater in Burbank, and in Clearview’s historic Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. It is an exciting extravaganza that will feature—for the first time ever—all nine of the Disney princesses (including the film’s Princess Tiana, Disney’s newest princess), as well as exciting Bayou games, movie archives, how-to presentations from Disney animators, Studio tours and more.