Stars Join Together to Fight Teen Homelessness


-Back in October, young stars like Francia Raisa, Allen Evangelista, Cody Longo, Brittany Curran, Keana Texeira and more joined together to film a PSA for the Code Blue Campaign. The Code Blue campaign was created by 17-year old Jermaine Crawford to bring awareness of and to fight against those issues that threaten youth. The color blue stands for the collective theme of youth, empowerment, spirituality, loyalty and, change.

Watch the “Fight for Homeless Teens” PSA Directed by Alfredo Flores below. The PSA will begin airing in schools across the country during November’s “National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.” Flores also directed “BOO” and WOW’s “Unforgiven” Music Video.

Credit: T2PR/Kristian Dowling/Getty