Kristen Stewart: Rob & Taylor Are Completely Different Guys


Kristen Stewart recently sat down with ET for an interview. Check out some highlights below:

On if she and Robert Pattinson are a couple: “The only way that I’m able to stay sane is to protect myself, and like, I know that it doesn’t matter how you answer a question, it’s going to tip. Someone’s going to say, ‘She’s totally with him,’ or, ‘No, I don’t think she is,’ so it’s sort of like, I don’t care. You just have to seriously be like, have it, have it all. Take my, you know what I mean, just like, you want my shoes? Here you go, what size do you wear?”

On Robert and Taylor: “I mean, they’re just completely different guys. I mean, Taylor’s like really happy-go-lucky. He’s really light and actually that sort of mirrors, that’s how Jacob is too. He’s always smiling and he’s sort of … he’s just a really good guy.”

On Robert Pattinson: “Rob is a really good guy, too. He’s like a little bit more … I don’t want to say that he’s more complicated because I bet if you broke down their character, I bet they’re both equally complex. I think Rob considers things a little bit more, I think he drives himself a little bit crazier, like as well as I do. If we could take a lesson from Taylor, I think me and Rob could probably both have easier lives.”

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