Mark Hapka & Shelley Hennig On Days, Pranks & ‘Boo’


-We chatted with Mark Hapka & Shelley Hennig, who play “Nathan Horton” & “Stephanie Johnson” on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” at the Day of Days Fan Event this past weekend. We asked the two about their characters, similarities and what they hope happens in the future. We also found out that Mark likes to prank his co-stars Casey Deidrick & Molly Burnett and he also gave us the scoop on the short “Boo” that he starred in with pals like Brandon Smith, Tiffany Thornton & Samantha Droke. The short was directed by David Henrie & Johnny Salvatore.

Watch the interview below and be sure to follow Mark on twitter: @markhapka. Stay tuned for more on the young stars of “Days of Our Lives.”