Debby Ryan ‘DRUM’s Up Her Own Blog


Debby Ryan is taking on a new role…blogger! She has started her own music blog, tentatively titled “DRUM” (Debby Ryan’s Underground Musicblog), on her official website. You can check out the new blog HERE. Debby will be talking about music, interviewing bands, searching for new artists and more. Check out the video below to see her talk a little about why she created the blog. You can read her first two entries at or after the jump.

Heyy there beautiful peoples. Thanks for stopping by my brand spankin’ new music blog [name currently pending]! I love discovering new music, writing, making videos, sharing(: and, most recently discovered, interviewing kiddos.
The realization of these hobbies conceived an exciting potential project for me. [Did I mention I also LOVE projects?] After months of growing and developing, POP!, a precious blog-baby was born. If the metaphor continues as my middle school science teacher would have it, now comes the part where I’m kept up in the middle of the night feeding it, finding it’s lost sock and coming dangerously close to shirking these responsibilities to a stranger.
I’m physically doing everything, from contacting the bands and directing to the editing, fonts, and embedding [with a phone call or two to tech service along the way], without professional help. Now, don’t get me wrong, my Texas mentality doesn’t let me do anything small; this is going to be a big, official project. It’s just going to be all done through my resources, making it %100 personal.

Deja vu echoed through me as I double-clicked my Recently Added playlist. How did this happen? I mean, I entered the iTunes store 30 minutes ago with the intention of buying a song, ONE song, by the Format, and the next thing I knew, I opened my eyes to a daunting playlist full of songs that all sound similarly drippy.
In that half-hour, I managed to snake my way through “alternative”, past “indie love songs”, hung a U-y at “experimental rock” and ended up, as I so often do, in singer/ songwriter”, clicking the ‘buy song’ button all along the way.
You go into an ice cream shop; it’s been a hot day and you’re eagerly looking forward to your cold, sweet enfranchisement. Pile it on; you ask for their big scoop, (no, two!) and load it with toppings. Spoon poised like a crossbow, ready to fire at will, you begin. You’re halfway through it by the time you pay and sit down. Mmm, that’s better. Now your craving has been put at ease, but your brain didn’t get that memo until you started feeling kind of sugar-sick. It looked so good at the time, you were sure you’d finish it.
That’s how I am when it comes to music. I gorge on music sprees and wake up to a playlist of songs that I horribly misjudged halfway through a 30second demo. “It looked so good at the time; I could swear I was gonna love every bit of it.” So I put the ones I like on a playlist called “Gray Skies/ Wool Sweaters” because that’s what they feel like to me, and the frivolous ones stay in the expanse of library awaiting for the ‘shuffle’ function to thrust them into an opportunity for me to learn to love them.

gray skies/ wool sweaters:
“Lovesong” -The Cure
“When She’s Near” -Fiction Family
“At The Wake” -The Format
“Further North” -Jets to Brazil
“Be My Home” -The Apprentice