Ashley Argota Almost Quit Show Business


-We recently chatted with Ashley Argota from Nickelodeon’s hit show, “True Jackson, VP”. She told us what she’d like to see happen on season 2 of “True Jackson, VP,” which premieres November 14. She also told us that she almost quit show business and about her music. Find out more about her in our exclusive interview below. Ashley also recently attended the Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival.

SO-M: How did you get started in acting?
Ashley Argota: My mom put me in acting classes when I was 5 years old because I was such a little character. I was always doing accents and being all crazy and stuff. She figured acting would be good for me and I loved it so much that I never stopped.

SO-M: How would you describe your character on “True Jackson, VP”?

AA: Lulu is True’s best friend and she is really innocent. She is always happy and optimistic about life. She can be very ditzy sometimes.

SO-M: Are you like her at all?
AA: Kind of. Lulu is basically me when I’m hyper. But I’m not ditzy and distracted like she is. I’m very focused.

SO-M: What would you like to see happen with Lulu in Season 2?
AA: I would really like to see her sing on the show at some point because I sing. I think that would be fun. I want to do a musical episode.

SO-M: What kind of musical would you want it to be?
AA: We’re all thinking like the “Wizard of Oz.” It was Danielle Bisutti’s idea, who plays Amanda on the show. Max (Greg Proops) could be Oz and I could be Glenda the Good Witch and Amanda could be the Wicked Witch and all that stuff.

SO-M: Do you have a favorite episode that you’ve filmed so far?
AA: I do. It’s our dance episode. I actually had to do a dance with the guy on the show. We had to do a waltz and it took about a week to learn it. It was a lot of fun.

SO-M: Does the cast get along off set as well as on set?
AA: Yes we do. We’re like family. It’s awesome, I love the cast so much.

SO-M: How would you describe your costars?
AA: Keke Palmer is funny. She makes me laugh nonstop. She’s so much fun and I always say, there’s never a dull moment around her.
Matt Shively is like my big brother. He’s awesome.
Danielle Bisutti is pretty. She’s so pretty and a fantastic actress. She’s always practicing her lines. When she’s not in a scene, she’ll be on a different part of set practicing.
Ron Butler is really cool. He keeps to himself mostly.
Robbie Amell, who is a series regular this season, is the nicest guy. He’s so cool and we love him. We’re really happy he’s a regular this year.
Greg Proops is also just hysterical. He’s a standup comic so he is always making us laugh no matter what.

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