David Henrie Delivers ‘Boo’


-It’s finally here! Check out “Boo” from David Henrie, Alfredo Flores, Chris Rossi, and Johnny Salvatore. The webshort stars Tiffany Thornton, Samantha Droke, Chris Hunter, Francia Raisa, Allen Evangelista, Mark Hapka and Brandon Smith and tells the story of 7 friends. David has started his own production company, Yute Productions. You can follow it on twitter: @yute_tv. David revealed that “Boo” was “shot in 2 days with no production lol, it’s a camera, mag light on top and actors.” He also explained why he’s doing all this on the web: “the internet is the future of entertainment, take advantage of it now while you can.”

Video details: This is something that was done in 2 days that my cousin, Johnny Salvatore and I directed. No production or financing, just a camera with a light on top of it and talented actors that can improv! We hope to inspire you to get out there and make something yourself, the internet is where entertainment is headed, make your own future. Much more diverse projects to come.

Check out the short below. What do you think? Be on the lookout for more web skits/shorts from David and friends.