Tiffany Thornton Sings “Part of Your World”


Tiffany Thornton joined Savvy & Mandy and Samantha Droke for a live chat on Friday afternoon. The girls gave some shoutouts, answered fan questions and even sang. Mandy shared her funny “Cheese Rocks” song, then the girls asked Tiffany to sing. Tiffany sang some of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. (The video is choppy because that’s how the chat video was)

Then the girls called some of their friends in their phonebook including Sterling Knight, David Henrie, Debby Ryan, Chelsea Staub & Nicholas Braun. Nick was the only one to answer, but Sterling did call back. You can see the whole live chat at Check out the clip of the “Cheese Rocks” song & “Part of Your World” (Around 1:55) below.