“10 Things” Volume 1 DVD Out January 12


-ABC Family’s hit show “10 Things I Hate About You” is coming to DVD on January 12th. The first 10 episodes of the show will be available for you in time for the new episodes in March. The spin-off of the popular theatrical film gets a first release on 2 discs, which are filled with extras such as Audio Commentaries, Bloopers, a “Backstage Pass” Featurette. You won’t want to miss out on the fun antics at Padua High with Kat, Bianca, Cameron, Patrick and crew.

Bonus Features:
-“10 Things I Hate vs. 10 Things I Love” – The cast answers crazy questions
-Backstage Pass – Bbehind the scenes with Meaghan Martin and Lindsey Shaw
-Pilot of Make It or Break It (another ABC Family series, which comes to DVD on the same street date)

Also, on January 5, the original movie will be released on a special 2 Disc DVD Collectors edition.