Mitchel Musso: “I remember…I Fell All The Way Down”


Mitchel Musso stopped by Radio Disney on Tuesday afternoon. Mitchel chatted with host Ernie D and even treated listeners to an acoustic version of his single, “Shout It.”

Mitchel revealed “Shout It” was written about a girl he keeps seeing at all his shows and every time he sees her he just let’s out all of his emotions — he SHOUTS IT!!! The video for the song was live footage shot over 4 days of his Summer tour.

Mitchel also talked about one of his most embarrassing moments. “I remember falling. I’m wearing my “stunna shades” and there just so happened to be a hole in the floor so when I walked on the stage…I fell all the way down.”

For Halloween, Mitchel’s little brother bought two huge sumo suits, but since Mitchel is a bit of a “scaredy cat”…the whole idea of people dressing up in blood and running in the street kind of boggles his mind, “so I will probably be at home handing out candy. But if I do dress up, I may wear the sumo costume or may be Chip N Dale.”

He also talked about having a huge fan base— one caller who had carved his name in a pumpkin (which he recently tweeted about) said she is driving 6 hours and selling all her stuff to see him in Chicago.

Mitchel will perform “Shout It” on the Radio Disney “Prep and Landing” float with Radio Disney on-air personality Jake Whetter (“Celebrity Take with Jake” and “Top 30 Countdown”) during the tree lighting procession at the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival in Chicago on November 21. Prior to the tree lighting procession, Mitchel will also perform for fans on the Harris Stage presented by Radio Disney.

-Photos Courtesy of PATRICK WYMORE/Disney Channel