Sandra Echeverria Talks ‘Free Style’


SO-M recently had the chance to chat with Sandra Echeverria from the upcoming movie Free Style. The movie opens on Friday, October 9th. For a list of theaters playing the movie, go HERE.

Are you similar to your character in Free Style?
Sandra: I’m very similar to my character. I come from a very conservative family. We’re very close and very passionate about animals, love and life. I think she’s just like me.

Alex loves riding horses. Have you ever ridden a horse before?
Sandra: When I was very little, a pony maybe. Not really like horseriding. I took some classes in Los Angeles. When I arrived in Canada I got a teacher and he tried to teach me a little more. I love animals and horses. I want to continue it.

Were there any funny moments on set?
Sandra: This was the first onscreen kiss for Corbin [Bleu]. It was very cute and I remember we were trying to do the scene and his father came to watch. We were like ok, your father is telling you to kiss me. That’s weird.

Do you have a favorite scene from the movie?
Sandra: I like the one where I’m cleaning the horse and he’s cleaning his bike. Because we’re both together, but each one is doing their own things with their own passions. I like that dynamic. It was nice.
Madison Pettis: Like how he says, “I ride a different animal.”
Sandra: Exactly The scene is below

The movie actually deals with some heavy issues that viewers might be surprised about. Can you talk about those?
Sandra: A think a lot of people can identify with this film because of that. You can see problems that we face every day with the family, with the money, with a dream. It’s hard, you have to struggle in order to really see your dream and what you want. I come from a divorced family and it was very hard. I was 11 years old when they separated. I still have that pain in my heart because I still miss my father.

Was there a turning point in your life when you decided you wanted to become an actress?
Sandra: I started as a singer, not really as an actress, so I’m an actress by a mistake. [laughs] I started singing when I was 9 and I was part of a group for 6 years. We had two albums and were part of a big network in Mexico. They were like you need to start acting. They got me in a school and I started acting and I did my first show in Mexico. I fell in love with acting and that’s why I moved to LA and started really getting into it and in classes. I’m trying to do both now. I don’t forget about music.

Would you and Corbin ever duet?

Sandra: We haven’t, but I would love to. That’s why we connected very well since the beginning. We both love music and have this passion.
Madison Pettis: I would buy it. I’d be the first one to buy it on iTunes.
Sandra: Thank you!

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