Lucas Till Dishes On Surviving Boot Camp


Lucas Till has been busy filming his latest movie, Battle: Los Angeles in Shreveport, LA. The movie is scheduled to wrap this week and he stars as Marine Corporal Grayston. Lucas recently chatted with Celebuzz about working with Ne-Yo, surviving bootcamp and his new hairstyle.

On working with Ne-Yo: “I have really high expectations of people who have a lot of attention on them and how they act as human beings, and this guy, he’s blowing up the radio right now and he’s so… normal. I mean he comes up and does Hank Hill impersonations from King of the Hill. Hilarious.”

On going through Marine style boot camp: You’re not even awake yet and you’re doing push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, running and that’s not even a fraction of what you do as a Marine,” Till said. “Basically we go through all the training that [the Marines] do in 3 weeks instead of their 6.”

On his new haircut: “It’s a military haircut now. I have it real short, and that’s the way I like it because I look NOT like a kid!”

And Lucas also has his own iPhone application which has exclusive photos, video, behind the scenes content and updates. You can get that HERE.