Jesse McCartney: M16 Man


Jesse McCartney was spotted leaving M16 Club in West Hollywood on Tuesday evening.

Jesse’s latest single, “Body Language” featuring T-Pain is quickly moving up the charts. Jesse recently chatted with Popeater about the song and music video.

Tell me about your video Body Language.
It’s kind of just off the cuff. It was one of those things that just accidentally happened. [T-Pain and I] were in Miami and we worked on the song together. We brought … a hand-held, behind-the-scenes type video camera … to just come in a shoot us working together in the studio, just really kind of cas[usal]. And it became this really fun intimate video that shows what it’s like behind the scenes. And you know, we cut a lot of stuff, a lot of footage that I had taken myself on the road last year, touring, performing that song live in front of the fans. The song live is just explosive and it makes a really entertaining video. And we just sort of put that all together and it’s just a montage of a lot of fun bits.

Did you like working with T-Pain?
T-Pain obviously is one of the biggest singer-songwriters … today. He’s very talented and has a firm grip on what the fans want to hear. I think the two of us together … is a great collaboration and [it] ended up becoming a really fun song for the end of 2009.

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