Review: Honor Society Releases ‘Fashionably Late’


Rating: 86/100

It’s been a long time in the works. The debut CD, Fashionably Late from Honor Society has finally arrived. We’ve been following this band for about 2 years now and have enjoyed watching their growth as a band. The CD is full of old favorites as well as some new jams that Honor Society fans, new and old, are sure to love.

The CD leads off with the groups first single, “Over You,” which is a super catchy tune about not being over an ex, which is sure to get stuck in your heads. Then there is the energetic “Full Moon Crazy” and the ballad “My Own Way.” “Full Moon Crazy” is one of our favorite tracks on the album as it deals with a girl who plays you hot and cold and just won’t go away. “My Own Way” is one of the tracks co-written by the Jonas Brothers, which suits lead vocalist Michael Bruno. The only downfall of this song is during the second verse when you can prominently hear Nick Jonas on background vocals.

The CD includes other oldies like “Two Rebels” (which is always a crowd favorite), “Goodnight, My Love” and “Nobody Has to Know.” John Fields works his magic in making these old songs new and refreshing for a new audience. Since they included so many older songs, we kind of wish they had included “This Bed Is An Ocean” instead of “Why Didn’t I.” Don’t get us wrong, we love all their songs, but “Why Didn’t I” was on their last EP and has been around for a while.

Other favorite tracks include “Here Comes Trouble,” which we think would make a great single and shows off a little more edge, and “Sing For You,” which we think would also make a great single. “Don’t Close the Book” is also a great track that definitely lets lead singer Michael Bruno’s voice shine.

Overall, the CD is definitely a great first album for this pop-rock band from NY/NJ. The great vocals mixed with sweet guitar riffs and energetic drum beats will have this album playing on repeat on your mp3 player and in your head. Some tracks may be a little over done, as there are a lot of extra noises and ad libs we would have stayed away from (ex: the “Baby Baby” in “Nobody Has To Know”). One track we might have changed, would be “Rock With You.” While it is a very fun, catchy tune, it definitely sounds more like a song that should be sung by the Jonas Brothers, which makes sense since they solely wrote the song. All in all, the record is a great first effort from Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes and Andrew Lee. We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for the follow-up.

Track Listing:
Over You
Full Moon Crazy
My Own Way
Two Rebels
Why Didn’t I
Goodnight, My Love
Here Comes Trouble
See U In the Dark
Nobody Has To Know
Sing For You
Rock With You
Don’t Close the Book
Where Are You Now