Lucy Hale Battles ‘Sorority Wars’


-Check out the trailer for Lucy Hale’s new Lifetime movie, “Sorority Wars.” Lucy stars at “Katie Snow,” a young freshmen who is looking for a sorority to pledge.

Here’s the synopsis: Class is in session, the “rush” is on, and it’s time to pick a sorority house. This should be easy for college freshman Katie Snow (Hale), especially since her mother, Lutie (Thorne-Smith), and her best friend, Summer (Ford), were the founders of the popular Delta house. But, when Katie meets the infamous Delta girls, known for their wild parties and hot boyfriends, she begins to have second thoughts – and it’s the final straw when she finds herself at the center of their “dirty rush” scandal. Katie becomes the target of the Delta’s vengeance – and her mother’s disappointment – when she shocks her friends and family by pledging their rivals, the Kappas. Soon, a full-fledged sorority war breaks out on campus, creating a fight-to-the-finish competition that leaves only one question: who will come out on top?

The movie co-stars Courtney Thorne-Smith, Faith Ford & Amanda Schull. The movie will premiere on Lifetime on October 17th at 9pm EST.