Corbin Bleu: “I Was Lucky Enough To Have the Last Scene”


-We had the chance to chat with Corbin Bleu at a recent press junket for his new movie Free Style. We’ll be posting the full interview soon, but Corbin chatted a little about his recently canceled show, “The Beautiful Life: TBL” with us and the other reporters.

Corbin dished: “I got the call last night (Sept 25) on the set. It was a surprising moment. We were all sitting there. I was lucky enough to have a last scene of the day. I was lucky enough to have the last scene of the show actually. It was with Natalie and we finished our scene and I was literally packing up to go home, have a weekend and they all come out screaming it’s been canceled.”

To find out the rest of Corbin’s reaction, listen to the sound byte below. If you’re a fan of “The Beautiful Life” there is a petition to save the show. You can sign it HERE. Corbin also tweeted about the show: I want to say thanks to all who were fans of and supported The Beautiful Life. I had a wonderful experience with a talented crew & cast! To my fans, The Beatiful Life is just a part of my long journey that I hope you all will continue with me. I look forward to other challenging opportunities that lay ahead and that will help me to continue to grow as an artist. God bless & Gdnite.

Also, don’t forget that Corbin’s new movie Free Style hits theaters on October 9th. We’ll be posting more of our interview with him and co-stars Madison Pettis & Sandra EcheverrĂ­a next week. You can become a fan of the movie on facebook and visit the official site HERE.