Jonas Brothers Update From Toronto


-The Jonas Brothers popped into their myspace blog to give a little update from Toronto. Check it out below.

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to check in with all of our fans and get you all in the
loop. Even without being on the road it’s been quite an eventful
couple of weeks. Starting with Nick’s birthday where we got to spend
some time with our family and some great friends! In fact quite a few
of our friends made the journey up here to Toronto to hang with us and
make it such an incredible night, and we truly thank them for that.

We’ve also had a bunch of other things in the pipeline now, as you’ve
seen we have a really cool YouTube challenge going on…. And the
Verizon kickball game is just around the corner (we love our games!)
And a show! Yes it always comes back to the shows! That’s what we’re
all about. Getting to do what we love and what you’ve all made it
possible for us to do year round… Getting in front of our fans and
playing our music. In a couple of weeks we get to go back to the
States and play a show at Mohegan Sun, so we’re pretty stoked about

Though we have to say it’s been great being up here in Toronto. We’ve
read your comments to our blogs and totally agree that we’ve had the
chance to unwind and just chill while we’ve been up here. We’ve taken
in all that Toronto has to offer from the Royal Ontario Museum, to a
U2 concert at the Rogers Center (amazing!!!!!) and the Kings Of Leon
at Hamilton (also incredible) to just walking around the city with a
cup of coffee our friends in a stellar city.

Until next time!


Kevin, Joe & Nick