Kay Panabaker Checks Out the Emmy Gifting Suites


Fame star Kay Panabaker was one of the many stars to drop by some of the Primetime Emmy Gifting Suites put on by Kari Feinstein on Friday afternoon. In Fame, Kay stars as “Jenny.” She told the Courier Mail, that she was drawn to the role and the movie because it’s so character driven: “When I first read the script, it wasn’t like, ‘oh it’s a remake, oh it will be huge’, that wasn’t my thought. It was the fact it was such a character-driven film.

“How often do you find a film that spans four years and you get to really delve into their characters and their development?

“The (original) was the same way. It was all about the characters and all about their growth, not only throughout high school, which is difficult enough, but then you throw in this performing arts aspect – going into the world and having this craft and this love and this dream and not knowing if you’ll be able to make a living doing it, if you’ll be successful.”

She also dished about former co-stars Zac Efron & Jesse McCartney: “I do keep in touch with Zac, he’s a sweetheart. Jesse was actually the heartthrob first – when we were still filming he was the big name. I love them both. They’re both such great guys and still so sweet and so grounded. I’m so happy to have known them, especially Zac before all of his fame. Their success is amazing.”

Read the full interview HERE and check out a clip of the movie HERE. Fame opens on September 25th.