Debby Ryan Has A “Fan”-Tabulous Day


-“Suite Life on Deck” star Debby Ryan recently had a day devoted to her fans. She read fanmail, called fans back on Say Now and more. Check out her video below. What other star would you like to see do a “fan day”?

heyy! so, I answered question after question on Twitter in the morning, then went and tore into some of my Fan Mail while taking lots of live calls on Say Now! I interacted with hundreds of fans for over 9 hours just from my kitchen table! We videotaped as much as possible [40 minutes, my camera hates me] and edited it all up to share with you guys! P.S. I do NOT get to pick the calls I take, SayNow chooses randomly for me. All I do is click “accept”. (:
While I was cleaning, I found my cheetah printed mouse ears. We saw them on a promo at the hotel in Disneyworld in Florida and hunted for them through the Animal Kingdom til I finally found them! Sooo I wanted to wear them that day.
Hope you guys like! I had fun chatting with you guys, reading your letters, and editing it together. (: