Kevin Jonas Is Four Seasons Friendly


Kevin Jonas took some time to pose with fans outside the Four Seasons hotel in Toronto on Monday afternoon. Kevin & his brothers are in town filming “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.” They recently posted a blog updating fans on what they’ve been up to:

Hey Everyone!

Life has been quite exciting recently. As you are all well aware we are up in the Toronto area now, and we can’t say enough about what a beautiful city this is. In fact we played our largest show this summer right here at Rogers Center!

The city has been packed for the festival this week so it’s kinda cool for us to be star watching as we go about our days. We’ve seen quite a few people that we respect and admire in the entertainment industry and some have had us even star struck!

I know we say it all the time but still, even amongst all the excitement here in Toronto we just can’t wait to get back on tour.

Everyday we get to discuss what city’s and dates we’ll be playing.

What venues we’ll be revisiting and what country’s will be our first.

We talk about how we are stoked to see cultures from around the world, try new foods, and of course… Meet the fans we have yet to meet!