Nicole Anderson Is H Mag Beauty


-“JONAS” star Nicole Anderson is featured in H Magazine. She talks about confidence, her career and more. Read some of it below. You can read the full article in the online magazine by downloading it HERE.

H: How has your life changed since you won the role of Macy on Jonas?
Nicole: My life has changed a lot. I finally have the chance to do what I love most on a regular basis. I’ve met new people who have become great friends, and my visibility from being on the show has opened doors to other opportunities in film, television and print.

H: Everybody says that you have great positive energy and you always seem to be smiling. What’s your secret?
Nicole: I just have a lot of fun with what I do for a living. I love collaborating with fellow artists, whether it’s creating a scene or a look. It’s such an exciting process; I’m always smiling because I’m just so thankful for it all.

H: What is your favorite movie ever?
Nicole: I don’t have just one favorite, but I do have a couple of all time faves. I love Roman Holiday, Election, Sunshine Cleaning, The Duchess and Moulin Rogue. The performances of the leading ladies in those movies inspire me as an actress.

H: What would be your dream role?
Nicole: I don’t know if I have an exact dream role. I really admire Reese Witherspoon’s career, because she has done everything, from drama to comedy, and that’s something that I aspire to do. I just want to constantly challenge myself as an actor and to really explore different sides of myself through the characters I portray.

H: What is the playlist on your i-pod?
Nicole: I’m really into Owl City right now. Their music is so colorful and calming, it creates a nice balance in my life when things get hectic. I also love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT, Santogold, Lykke Li, and Meg & Dia.

H: Nicole, you are beautiful. How important do you think your beauty is in forwarding your career?
Nicole: Thank you! Truthfully, though, I’m not too concerned with looks because they are only skin-deep and fade with time. I find the confidence, depth and wisdom of mature women much more attractive than anything youthful beauty has to offer.

H: Do you like shopping?
Nicole: I love shopping! I am hands-down a shopaholic. I think fashion is such a fun and creative way to express myself.

H: What are your favorite things to shop for?

Nicole: My favorite things to shop for are accessories. I love huge rings, vintage jewelry, headbands, and handbags. I think it’s fun to personalize an outfit and give it a personal touch with unique accessories.

H: What is your dream for the step in your career?
Nicole: The next step in my future is to hopefully continue working. I’d love to eventually break into film. It’s a whole different process from television in the way you develop your character and the story.