Selena Gomez Visits Jimmy Kimmel


Selena Gomez hides her head as Jimmy Kimmel shows a clip of her on Barney when she was younger. The 17-year-old “Wizards of Waverly Place” star dropped by the late night talk show to chat about the WOWP movie which premieres on Disney Channel tonight.

On Barney: I embrace it. I was made fun of, but I’m good…He’s [Barney] a great guy. He’s really cool. He’s been in the suit for 10 years.

If kids go crazy for her: Yeah, it’s sweet though. I love my fans. They actually know me as “Alex.” The little ones always call me “Alex,” which is my character’s name.

On if kids believe she has magic powers: The little kids will always say “is the magic is real?” And I look at them and say, “Do you believe it’s real” and they say “yeah.” Then I go “then it’s real!”

On the Emmys: “I’m fine with whoever wins, as long as it’s a Disney show.”

Selena also talked about school (she’s going into her senior year and has been through 3 teachers on set), the movie and her new CD.

You can watch the full interview HERE.