Nathan Kress Dishes About His First Kiss


-“iCarly” star Nathan Kress recently chatted with Zach Sang from WZAP about relationships, the show and more.

On his first kiss: “I was like five years old and me and my neighbor had our first kiss together,” Nathan, who plays Freddie Benson on the hit Nickelodeon show, shared. “We were a little too young to realize what we were doing. That was my first kiss—out there in the backyard, with dad sweepin’ up the leaves. Great setting.”

On his current relationship status: “Relationship status-wise, I’ve decided to set this trend—and I’m wondering if other actors will start to follow. When doing interviews for magazines or websites or radio, I’m gonna see what happens if I keep relationship status sort of private,” he continues. “So even if something does change, there’s not all kinds of news coverage about it—Oh, the gossip dish! So-and-so broke up with so-and-so!”

On a good first date: “For a first date, I would definitely prefer some kind of activity, rather than going to dinner and having a conversation with someone. So going to the mall or to a theme park or going to see a movie or whatever. Just so you can kind of get to know each other without having some kind of deep meaningful conversation right there at the start.”

You can listen to the full interview below.