Miley Cyrus Dines At Katsuya


Miley Cyrus and her sister Brandi were spotted at Katsuya on Tuesday evening, enjoying some sushi with friends. Miley tweeted: Doing a video shoot and then possibly doing dinner with @claudekelly @thedoctorluke 🙂 Had an awesome dinner with Kesha, Luke, and Brandi! I love being with people who love music as much as I do. Miley spent the day on a music video shoot, believed to be for the song “When I Look At You,” from her EP “The Time of Our Lives.” The EP is a Wal-Mart exclusive and contains 7 tracks:

1. Kicking And Screaming
2. Party In The USA
3. When I Look At You
4. Time Of Our Lives
5. Talk Is Cheap
6. Obsessed
7. Before The Storm (Live)

Look for it in Wal-Marts on August 31.

Credit: RIV/Fame