Lucas Till: ‘Miley Is the Biggest Practical Joker’


Hannah Montana: The Movie is about to come to DVD and Blu-Ray on August 18. We’re back with another look inside the DVD. It wasn’t all business on set, there were plenty of bloopers during filming. Check out some of the behind the scenes scoop below.

Lucas Till says: “Miley is the biggest practical joker I know. I remember her doing a pretty serious scene, but she’d somehow got her hands on a fart machine. She would set off loads of fart sounds and pretend they were coming from her. She was rolling around screaming, ‘Oh, my stomach is going to explode!’ It was hilarious!”

Miley Cyrus says: “The worst thing to happen to me on the set was when I accidentally ate some chicken feed. It was horrible! I was swinging around a barn filled with chickens and things were flying everywhere – which is when some of their food flew into my mouth. It tasted disgusting, but it was very funny!”

Jason Earles says: “I have a scene in the movie with an ostrich – and it bit me on the face during our first take! It bit me just above my lip, so I had to put it on ice and then cover up the mark with make-up for the rest of the day. It was the one thing that I didn’t want to happen – and it was the very first thing the bird did. Typical!”

Emily Osment says: “My favorite part of filming was a scene where I get my feet rubbed. It was really funny! I was under the covers giggling with joy because it felt so nice. The scene took three hours to film, but it wasn’t long enough. I was desperately trying not to laugh out loud!”

Miley Cyrus says: “I had so much fun on the set of the movie. In fact, I’ve never laughed so hard before! As soon as the cameras stopped rolling, we’d start messing around and getting the giggles. There are probably loads of shots of me pulling some seriously goofy faces on camera or laughing way too hard. I don’t think I ever want to see them because they’re really embarrassing!”

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Credit: Sam Emerson/Disney/Click Comm

Moises Arias says: “I wasn’t involved in any bloopers – but I had to spend two days covered in cake for the movie. It was pretty funny! The cake was made from real icing, but I don’t really like cake – so it wasn’t too nice to be stuck underneath gloopy, cakey mess for hours. I stank of cake for days afterwards, too!”

Jason Earles says: “There was a serious bug problem in Tennessee. They were always giant cicadas jumping around the place and freaking out people. It was really funny to watch the girls scream and run for it whenever the bugs flew in. Eeek!”

Emily Osment says: “This didn’t happen on the movie – but it’s a pretty embarrassing moment from my past. I was a sleepwalker when I was little. At one point, I sleepwalked into our kitchen and thought the refrigerator was the bathroom. I opened the door and tried to get in!”

Lucas Till Says: “When you watch the bloopers on the DVD, you’ll see me making a bunch of funny faces. I’m actually a really goofy guy and I made a lot of goofy faces on the set before they started filming. You can see a load of them in the DVD extras!”

Miley Cyrus says: “This isn’t a blooper, but I befriended some of the chickens on the set. I really wanted to take them home with me. Other stars walk around Hollywood with little dogs under their arms, but I want to walk around with my little chicken!”