Demi Lovato Draws Inspiration From Fans


Demi Lovato took some time and answered another round of fan questions on Buzznet. She talks about her inspirations, what music means to her and what her biggest accomplishment has been. Check it out below:

Bunday: What motivated/inspired you to not give up on your dreams?

Demi Lovato: My music and my passion for songwriting and playing piano and guitar was my greatest motivation. I was inspired by people who followed their dreams and made it. People like Kelly Clarkson, Christine Aguilera and Hayley Williams.

Lisaxcore: If you never got the part on Barney, how do you think your life would be like right now?

Demi Lovato: I think if it hadn’t been for Barney I would still be acting and singing but just may never have met Selena.

Alexismarie123: What has been the hardest obstacle` you had to face during your rise to fame?

Demi Lovato: I have had to learn that no matter who you are there will always those who criticize you. But in the end you just have to be true to yourself and focus on the ones who love you. I

Ilsepla: What or who inspires you the most to reach every goal you have set for yourself and why?

Demi Lovato: I draw from the fans for inspiration. There are so many young people who inspire me, like Sarah who suffers from Eosinophilic disease. I met her at one of my meet & greets last year and now I try to work with APFED every chance I get. Then there’s Austen who I met thru Make-A-Wish Foundation who came up on stage with me. There’s so many more to name but I am out on tour meeting them every day, they are my inspiration because if they can dream big so can I.

Gibsythegypsy: How do you plan to help girls who have been bullied?

Demi Lovato: I’d really like to put all my thoughts and advice into a book to share with my fans.

Mykspace60902: What is music to you? What I mean is, is it that burning passion you feel pervading your entire body as you eloquently release those oh-so exquisite notes and stand before millions of people while the ground is vibrating beneath your feet and your heart is pumping. Or, is it more intimate like when you’re alone ensconced by self-produced melodies with the scent of lyrics thick in the air?

Demi Lovato: That’s an awesome question, you sound like a writer. It would have to be both, on stage and in my room where it’s quite and I’m alone and lyrics come so easily to me. Then on stage is where I get the excitement of sharing those lyrics with fans.

Larissaxoxo: What is she most proud of accomplishing in her career?

Demi Lovato: My new album “Here We Go Again” .