Mitchel Musso: “Us Against the World” Is My Jam On My Record


Mitchel Musso dropped by TV recently to dish about his album and “Hannah Montana.” He talked about his favorite songs on the album. His first favorite is “Us Against the World” featuring Katelyn Tarver. Mitchel says he loves the “Romeo & Juliet” feel of the song and it’s his favorite song to listen to at any point.

His second favorite song is “Shout It” featuring Mason Musso. His next favorite is “Do It Up.” His favorite part of any song is the guitar solo on the song. Mitchel reveals they’re about to make a music video for the song and Mason will be playing the guitar solo in the video. His next favorite is “Movin’ In” which he helped co-write. And his last favorite is “Hey,” which Mitchel helped make the concept of the video.

In the other video, Mitchel talks about Oliver becoming a singer, the episode on diabetes and more. What’s your favorite song on Mitchel’s album?