iCarly Cast Attends TCAs


-The cast of “iCarly,” including Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress & Jerry Trainor all attended the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday evening. Jennette sparkled on the grass carpet and even made the best dressed list. She tweeted: major props to my stylist. because of HER AMAZING TALENT, I was on the TCA best-dressed list. she’s brilliant! 🙂

There were rumors floating around that iCarly was finished, but that’s not the case. The cast & crew are almost done filming for the season, but the show isn’t ending anytime soon. Nathan addressed the rumors in his myspace blog: I was asked about my summer plans and I knew we were getting a break late in the summer. We’ve been shooting back-to-back episodes of iCarly for over a year, which is a very ambitious production schedule. I never said the show was canceled, just that we would be wrapping production. It wasn’t my intention to upset the fans or cause any kind of buzz, but it is so amazing to know how much everyone cares about our show, and I’m really happy that we can continue to give the fans new episodes for a long time to come!