Austin Butler & Alexa Vega: Disney & ABC Press Party


Austin Butler & Alexa Vega from “Ruby & The Rockits” stepped out for the Disney & ABC Summer Press Tour Party. “Ruby & the Rockits” airs on ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm EST. It tells the story of Patrick Gallagher (Patrick Cassidy), a former ’80s pop star, who has chosen to lead a quiet life with his wife, Audie (Katie Amanda Keane), and two sons – Jordan (Austin Butler) and Ben (Kurt Doss). But when his former Rockits band mate and brother, David (David Cassidy), shows up unexpectedly with his new-found teenage daughter in tow, Ruby (Alexa Vega), the Gallagher family’s life becomes anything but normal. David, who refuses to give up his past glory days, comes to Patrick for help in raising Ruby while he continues to perform. Patrick must now put the past with David behind them in order to help raise Ruby and keep order within the rest of the Gallagher clan.