Selena Gomez Visits Good Day New York


Selena Gomez visited Good Day New York earlier this week to promote her new album and the “Wizards of Waverly Place” movie.

On the movie: It’s about our family. We take a vacation and we go to the Caribbean. In the beginning of the movie, my character’s very frustrated with her parents because she wants her independence and freedom. She makes a spell wishing that her parents had never met, meaning we don’t exist.

On her album: I got to write one [song] on the CD. I wanted to make sure it was good. [laughs] So, I shouldn’t be like oh I can write all my songs. The first one I try to play it safe. The single, “Falling Down,” is my favorite.

Selena will be having a live chat on facebook tomorrow at 7pm EST and her album will be hitting stores on September 29th. Also, a new clip of the movie will be shown on Saturday night at 8pm EST.