Selena Gomez’s Album Is Done!


Selena Gomez is in the Big Apple with her castmates to promote “Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie.” She took some time to update her myspace blog about her album, which is complete!!

Well I have officially finished my first record! The fact that I can say I have a record is a dream come true to me but not possible if it weren’t for you guys. The whole process is so much fun and very therapeutic, most of my friends are amazing musically so to step into that for a while has been an incredible experience for me. All of my fans have been showing me an insane amount of support during this time for me, along with a couple of parents 🙂 and so for that I thank you. Honestly during every session in the studio all I kept saying is “Oh, I hope they like this!” or “I hope they can relate to this”

you all were in my mind during this time!

I think im going to be a little kid running home to his parents showing them my art project when this comes out saying “Do you like it, do you like it?!?!” so in advance I apologize haha

Also I just wrapped up my album art work about 2 weeks ago which was SO cool… I wish I could show you some of the pictures but lets just say this, every time I walked out of my dressing room my mom would look at me and say “Wow. Selena you would never wear that anywhere else” plus there were some pretty cool guys that joined me 😉

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Will you be buying Selena’s album? Are you excited?

Now I’m starting band rehearsals with some awesome guys. We will be working really, really hard together to try and make an awesome concert for you guys!
I’m so excited for this to come out! I’m getting really impatient!
There are a few things I would like to clear up if thats ok, because this is my first record I want it to be fun, energetic, empowering but very good so with that said I did not write any of the songs but one on the record. It was one of the last songs I recorded and it is definitely one of my favorites.
Im still new and still figuring out where I want to be musically but I think this is a good start… hopefully.

Now, for those of you who are even considering purchasing my record promise me this, once it is in your hands or illegally downloaded, you will go into your room, car, house, school or your best friends cousins aunts house turn the volume up really, really loud sit down and if you do not get a sudden urge to get up and dance, scream, yell or move whatsoever, I have failed.

Will you be buying Selena’s album? Are you excited?