Aly Michalka: 78violet Is An Extension of Aly & AJ


Aly Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens and Gaelen Connell recently sat down with Seventeen to chat about their movie.

Aly opened up about how changing from Aly & AJ to 78violet was really scary: One thing I’m excited my sister and I took a risk on was changing our band name from “Aly & AJ” to “78violet.” That was HUGE for AJ and I! We were scared at first that people might think we were trying to “ditch” Aly & AJ, which we’re so not! We’re still those people, but at the same time, our music has grown. When you listen to our new music, it really does sound like “78violet” – it’s an extension of Aly & AJ and our natural progression towards always wanting to have a band name. We never were able to think of something cool when we were younger. Also, I’m afraid of heights, so skydiving would be a different type of risk I might be willing to take in the future!

Vanessa opened up about her kissing scene with Gaelen: In order for us to make it that awkward, we had to do it so many times. I mean, it’s extremely choreographed and it’s all about timing. I’m really happy – I think it turned out great!

And Gaelen chatted about how his friends have reacted to his acting and if they’ve seen the movie yet: One of my best friends Matt and I went to a screening. So we left, and I was like, “This is weird, what’d you think man?” And he’s like, “There’s this one scene, I think you’re like sitting down at the mall, I thought that was pretty good.” And I’m like, “Dude, thanks!” (laughs) I have two older brothers, and I was driving with one of them talking about the movie and he was like, “Gaelan, no matter what you do, you’re not cool.” (laughs) I guess it’s good my friends and brothers tell it like they see it!

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