Ruby & the Rockits: Alexa Vega Interview


-We’re back with another interview from SO-M’s set visit to ABC Family’s “Ruby & the Rockits.” This time star Alexa Vega sits down to chat with the online media about the new show, singing and more. If you missed the interview with Austin Butler, you can check that out HERE. A brand new episode of the show airs tonight. The episdoe, titled “Save the Last Dance For Me,” finds Ruby planning a father-daughter dance for school. She invites David as her date, but will he flake out like usual? Tune in to find out.

How did you get into acting? My mom used to be a model, and our closest friend, her—she’s my godmother, and her daughter was on Models Inc. at the time. So we were in California while she was shooting here, and my mom had a photo shoot here, too—I grew up in Florida—and her best friend snuck me to an audition. And I just so happened to get the job, and she was just like, “Oh no. I didn’t think you were going to get the job. Now what are we going to do?” And it was on this lot for a television series called Evening Shade. And we convinced my mom to let me do it, and I was on that show for a couple years. And that’s kind of where it started, and I’ve been really blessed ever since.

What was the casting process like for the show? I didn’t want to do TV for a while. I had done it when I was younger, and then after Spy Kids I just kind of decided I wanted to stick to either film or TV film, but not a series. And I kind of did that for a while. And I went and visited my friend’s series last year, and during that time I was just kind of like, “You know what? I really miss being on a sitcom. I haven’t done this in years.” And I felt what the audience felt like, and I was watching her and she was having such a good time, I’m like, “I’ve got to get back on a show.”

And I told my agent, I’m like, “If you guys see a good script coming along, will you please send it my way? But it has to be special or else we’ll pass it up.” And six months later Ruby, the Ruby script was sent to me, and it was completely different than what the pilot ended up turning out to be. There were so many rewrites. But it was such a special kind of thing and idea that I was like, “You know what? I really want to go in on this. I will totally do it.”

And I went on the first audition, and I forgot how hard it was to land a TV show because the process is, like, eight auditions. You have to screen test. You have to meet with the producers, the executive producers. And then you have the whole network that you have to go through. It’s just such a process that I really felt like I worked so hard to get this job. Whereas, you know, for a while it was really nice that you didn’t really have to audition to get certain jobs. They were kind of offering you roles. But this is something I had to work hard for, and it made me appreciate it a lot more.

But it was definitely a hard process. I mean, we had to sing, and there were a lot of lines. I don’t think I’ve ever had that many lines in an audition. But yeah, it was really great. It was a good thing that I went through.

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