Meaghan Martin Chats Vegetables, Kissing A Girl and More


-“10 Things I Hate About You” star Meaghan Martin visited “It’s On with Alexa Chung” on Thursday afternoon. The star opened up about her love of Veggie Tales, what it was like kissing a girl on “10 Things” and more.

Meaghan dished to us on our set visit to the show, (it’s the episode we saw being filmed) about the kiss: I had no idea it was coming, quite honestly. I read—actually, my mom read the script. And she goes, “Meaghan, you’re kissing a girl in the next episode.” [Laughs] And I was like, “Okay.”
I’m just big on, “I’m an actress and everything I do—I’m an actress.” One of my friends was working on a show recently and a guy stormed off the set because he didn’t want to kiss another guy. And that to me is just like, “That’s sad. Are you really not acting? Like, is it you now?” And it’s your character.
And it’s just my philosophy that, if it’s good and if it’s well written and if it’s classy and I feel like it works with the plot, then I’m totally up for whatever. And I thought it was great. I was thought it was very real. I thought it was how teenage girls would think they’re being sexy when really it’s just plain awkward. And I really felt that that’s something that a lot of people may experience. And I think the next scene coming up where I get in trouble for it is also a great scene because we’re not trying to be bad role models here either; we’re just trying to be real.

That episode of “10 Things” airs on August 11th on ABC Family.

Pic Credit: INF