Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves Hitting the Road


Miley’s little sister Noah and her best friend Emily Grace Reaves will be hitting the road with the “Hannah Montana” star this Summer. The Noie and Ems Show is confirmed to tour with Miley this fall! The 2 girls will be touring w/ Miley and bringing their Noie and Ems Show on the road LIVE so stay tuned!

Before leaving on tour, both girls are super busy! Noah will be premiering her movie “Ponyo” (w/ Frankie Jonas) on Monday, July 27th. Emily will be finishing up the filming of her new heart-warming movie, “Melissa”, about 8-year old bestfriends who promise to be together forever until one is struck w/ cancer. Sophie Texeira and veteran actor Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon) co-star.

Check out a video of Emily & Noah along with Daniel Samonas judging the “All Star Planet” Competition in Hollywood.

Credit: T2Public Relations