Cameron Bright & Moises Arias On Set of Wizards


SO-M reader Alex had the chance to attend the taping of “Wizards of Waverly Place” on Tuesday afternoon. Spotted on set were Moises Arias, who is actually guest starring in the episode, Cameron Bright, Madison Pettis and more.

Check out Alex’s story: On July 21st my friends and I went to the Wizards of Waverly Place
taping. Moises Arias‘ tweeted earlier that he was going to be there, so we thought he was just visiting but turns out that Moises Arias was the guest stars in the episode and he was hilarious. He and Jake are so funny together, you can see that they are best friends in real life. Madison Pettis, Cameron Bright (who plays Alec in New Moon) and Christian Fortune where there as well. It’s like a big family over there! Everyone was nice and took picture, Moises even tweeted us and said that it was nice to meet us. David Henrie was awesome and Selena started crying when David said a few words about her. Then everyone sang Happy Birthday. I was a little surprised to see Cameron there, he wasn’t signing autographs or took picture, he was with Lorenzo (David’s brother) all the time but Selena told us that he was in California because of her birthday.

Alex said Moises and Cameron also confirmed their twitters at the taping: @moiswashere and @CDCrigger.