News Roundup: Jonas Bros Softball, Ashley’s Tattoo, Taylor to Perform at VMAs, etc


Nick Jonas and the Road Dogs beat AOL in softball.

Ashley Tisdale reveals her new house and tattoo.

-A new episode of “10 Things I Hate About You” airs tonight on ABC Family.

Russell Brand will once again host the MTV VMA’s. Muse and Taylor Swift will be performing. “I’m so excited that MTV and the VMAs have invited me to perform, because I think this year’s show will be unlike anything they’ve ever done!” Swift said. “I love incorporating theatrics into my performances, and the VMAs have always allowed artists to run with that. MTV has been so good to me, and I could not be more excited about this year’s VMAs!” More performers will be announced. The VMA’s will take place in New York City this year.

Push Play’s single, “Midnight Romeo” is now available on iTunes.

Chelsea Staub sends her congratulations to Kevin Jonas & Danielle.

-Go behind the scenes of Drew Seeley’s music video for “Her Voice.”