Interview: Lindsey Shaw Chats About “10 Things”


-Our last interview from the set of “10 Things I Hate About You” is with star Lindsey Shaw. Lindsey stars as “Kat Stratford,” the sarcastic, strong-willed activist of Padua High. Find out how this show is different from her past roles, what it’s like to work with the other cast and more.

What’s the difference between being on “Aliens in America” and this show? No difference at all really. No [laughs], a huge difference. Claire was self-centered and bitchy and completely concerned with popularity, much like Bianca is. She’s like an older version of Bianca. And Kat, she is self-centered for very different reasons. She doesn’t realize it. In fact, in this episode, her father finally tells her how self-centered she is. And she’s like, “What? No, I didn’t get it.”

So she’s self-centered for very different reasons. But she is concerned with all of the bigger things in life and kind of always forgets about the smaller things, like her relationship with her sister. And she’s so concerned on doing all these big grand things that she loses touch with what’s actually around her sometimes, which I think everybody does. I certainly do that in my life.

And Claire was just— is you know, she was concerned with clothes and status and all that kind of thing. And Kat could be, you know, no further from that. She values justice and fairness and getting into a good college. And all of this high school crap she could just kind of take it or leave it.

Were you a fan of the original “10 Things” movie? Absolutely. It’s beautifully shot, thanks to Gil [Junger], and it’s a wonderful story, and wonderful high school story that stands apart in an era where so many high school movies came out.

What was the audition process like for this role? Well it was great. I was actually doing a small independent film at the time, and I was working that day that I was supposed to have this audition. And my manager called the director, because it’s small, you don’t talk to any PAs on a small independent. You talk to the director. And he was just—he was a little upset about having to rework everything because it was a big rework….

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