Exclusive: Jennifer Stone Answers YOUR Twitter Questions


SO-M chatted with Jennifer Stone recently and we asked her some of the questions you left on our twitter. Find out where she’d love to visit, if she’d ever pursue singing, who her celebrity crush is, and more! You can read the rest of our interview with Jennifer HERE.

What is one place that you’d love to visit? I would love to go to Europe. I’m a big fan of Europe for some reason. I love all the history there. I would really love to go backpacking through Europe.

Do you have a favorite quote? I do. I have one that’s Ecclesiastes 3:1 which is for everything there is a season. I definitely think our lives are like a story. For everything that happens, whether it’s good or bad, it’s just another chapter. (Note: You can read the verse HERE)

Do you have a celebrity crush? I have quite a few. [laughs] My fave celebrity crush is probably Emile Hirsch. I like the quirky indie actors. I really like them.

You’re a big fan of musicals. Do you have a favorite? I really like “Wicked.” I think me, and every other musical geek, likes it. “Wicked” was pretty great.

Do you sing, and if so, do you plan to pursue it? I do sing. I’m a musical theater person. I’m totally that kind of girl, but the only way I would pursue music is if I did a Broadway musical. If I were lucky enough to be on Broadway, that would probably be the only way I’d sing.

Is there a particular musical you’d want to do? I would feel lucky in any musical.

Are there any similarities between you and Harper? Oh yeah. There are two main similarities, other than that we’re pretty different. We both like to take risks in fashion. Harper more than me, but I like to think I like to stray from the norm a little bit. That and we both get excited about things most other people don’t quite get. Like she gets excited about crafts and I’ll get excited about something like an iPod speaker that glows or whatever. [laughs] We both get excited over things that seem silly to other people.

Any message for the fans? Thank you! That’s my message. They’ve been so wonderful and I absolutely adore my fans. I try to reply as much as I can on twitter and SayNow. I just want to say thank you. They’ve been above and beyond amazing.

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. You can follow Jennifer on twitter: @comeagainjen and us: @shineonmedia