Taylor Swift Blog Update


Taylor Swift updated her myspace blog about the CMTs, tour, Teen Choice Awards and more:

July 4th, yo. Sparklers.

Hey guys!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, in a screaming and jumping up and down kind of way.. A driving-home-wondering-how-on-earth-you-got-so-lucky-and-semi-questioning-whether-you-just-hallucinated-the-whole-night kind of way for the night you gave me at the CMT Awards. Winning Video of the Year AND Female Video of the Year was just.. Wow, guys. I just hope you know that I take it personally when you do wonderful things like that for me. It’s not just another award. The fact that YOU vote on it makes it personal for me. It makes it that much more of a treasure to me. My whole family got to see that in person, so thank you for voting for me. My brother was sitting next to me, texting in his vote for Video of the Year. haha! That night was very, very special and I just wanted to thank you for that. And I hate to be all “Hey thanks for voting for me for that award show, now here’s another one to vote for!!! Spend ALL of your free time voting for me for stuff!!!!!”…. but… You guys got me nominated for a bunch of Teen Choice Awards, and this is my last year as a teen (yes. I’m finally getting old!!), so…. Teenchoiceawards.com is where it is. Just click on my name. It won’t be under my rap gangsta alter ego, T-Sweezy, unfortunately. It’ll most likely be under the name T-A-Y-L-O-R S-W-I-F-T, because that’s my birth name and stuff.

What else is new.. Recording a bunch of new songs. Lots of new things to write about….. Kate Walsh sent me a journal, and it was perfect timing because I was JUST about to run out of pages in my current one. I don’t know how she knew that. She must have magical powers. Next week, I’m headed to Canada and I’m so excited to go back!! Glamour Magazine is way nice and put me on their cover 🙂 As you know, dresses are my thing, and the Glamour spread is just me in jeans. It’s a very rare sight to see, me in jeans. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not actually allergic to jeans and I don’t burst into flame when I wear them. Ok I made that up. No one thinks that at all actually. But, anyway, I’m wearing jeans in the recent issue of Glamour magazine…is my point. My good friend Colbie Caillat just put out her new single on iTunes and it’s my new jam right now, she’s got the BEST summer songs!

July 4th is coming up. I love Sparklers. They’re sparkly. I love sparkly things. And glitter. Anyway, story time: When I was younger, I was always that little kid who would run around picking up used sparklers off the ground and I would inevitably pick up the SCALDING HOT BURNING end that was still smoldering. Then cue the screaming bloody murder in front of everyone and running into the house to ice your hand. All the adults are shaking their heads because they saw you do the same thing last year. Gotta love humiliating childhood memories. Wish me luck this year. I think I’m gonna wear gloves.

See you on the road, and thanks again!