Interview: Cassie Scerbo & Josie Loren Talk “Make It or Break It”


SO-M had the chance to participate in a panel interview with Cassie Scerbo & Josie Loren from ABC Family’s new show, “Make It or Break It.” The show focuses on a group of young gymnasts who have their eyes set on the Olympics. Earlier, we chatted with Chelsea Hobbs & Ayla Kell about the show. You can read that HERE.

Check out the interview below to find out how Cassie & Josie trained for their roles, what to expect from their characters as the season progresses, what it was like to work with Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner from “Full House”) and more.

How did you both get started in acting?
Josie Loren: I started acting when I was like five in monologue competitions at this private elementary school. Ever since then, it’s kind of progressed. From there, I went to magnet art schools for middle school and for high school, but I was always involved in musical theater, and I went to one summer camp for TV and film, and that kind of sparked the other direction, I guess, for acting in the TV and film world, and so I’ve just kind of been doing it every since I was little.

Cassie Scerbo: I really couldn’t tell you when that interest sparked for me because it’s just been something that I’ve wanted to do forever. Like I literally came out of my mother’s stomach singing before I can talk, and dancing before I can walk, and just, ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a performer. I started in charm schools, I mean, at the age of four or five, dancing, singing, and acting. And I just, I like telling the story, no matter what it is. Singing, acting, or dancing, I’ve just, I’ve kind of always been a performer.

And my parents have always said, well, don’t you have a Plan B? You have to have something to back it up in case it doesn’t happen, and I was just always like no. I don’t have a Plan B. I’m not setting myself up for failure, and I just kind of always stuck with that, and I’ve always just been really driven, and I guess I kind of was just born wanting to be in this industry and tell a story, do what I do, and if I could and can change lives while I’m doing it and throughout the course of everything. Yes.

In what ways are you similar to your characters?
Josie: I feel I have a lot of differences from Kaylie, but also a couple of similarities. I think Kaylie deals a lot with the internal conflict of wanting to be this amazing Olympic gymnast, and also just wanting to be a regular teenager, and I feel that sometimes, actually a lot of times. You know, at being a young girl, sometimes I wish I just had the regular college life that doesn’t have a care in the world really, can be a little reckless, and not have as many responsibilities. But then again, I want to be the absolute best actress I can be and do these wonderful projects.

So I feel that a lot, so I completely feel for Kaylie and understand where she’s coming from when she’s having this relationship with Carter behind her father’s back because another element of Kaylie, she’s a people pleaser. She wants everyone to be happy, whether it’s her dad, her boyfriend, her coach, her friends. She literally bends over backwards to please people, and in a lot of ways I can relate to that. I do have a breaking point that comes a lot quicker than Kaylie’s but I do try to make everyone around me happy with my performance, with my performance, whether it be as a student or as an actress. I’m 3,000 miles away from my family, but I try to be the best daughter, sister, aunt I can be. So I feel for Kaylie a lot because I feel like she’s just torn in so many different directions. That’s how, I mean, that’s how mostly I relate to her with that internal struggle and just kind of being pulled, and not knowing what she wants a lot of the time.

Cassie: I really don’t have many similarities with Lauren. I mean, it’s so completely different from my life. In the show, Lauren plays basically an only child. She lives with her dad. She’s daddy’s little girl. Her mom is out of the picture, and you guys, everyone, all the viewers will come to see why, as the show progresses, but her mom is out of the picture. And in my real life, I come from a very large family. I’m a mommy and a daddy’s girl, and it’s just my living situation is so different from the show’s living situation.

And also, you know, obviously Lauren is this huge brat, and I think it really just comes from holding so much inside that when it comes out, she just acts out on impulse, and she doesn’t really – she doesn’t even realize a lot of the times that she’s hurting people. She just is so determined to hide her pain and her anger that she just acts out on these impulses.

I would say the one thing that’s similar between Lauren and I is that we’re very, very driven. There’s never – I can’t really think of one thing that I’ve pursued in my life that I haven’t given literally like my blood, sweat, and tears. Everything I do, I become a perfectionist, and I think Lauren is the same way, although she tends to go to the limit and actually hurt people, and I would never do that. But, yes, there are not many similarities between her and I.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

“Make It or Break It” airs on ABC Family on Mondays at 9pm EST after “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” Tune in for a new episode tonight!

Photos Courtesty of ABC Family.