Fan Spotlight: Demi & Jonas Fan Encounters


SO-M reader Kadra was lucky enough to meet the Jonas Brothers recently. She got the chance to meet all three and snap pics!

SO-M reader Maegan went to opening night of Demi Lovato’s concert in CT and met Demi’s mom, sister Madison and bff Marissa. Above is Maegan and her friends with Marissa.

SO-M reader soccerstar4985 wasn’t able to get to meet Demi Lovato, but she did get to see her at her hotel and outside MTV, along with Cameron Diaz and Sofia from “My Sister’s Keeper.”

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Soccerstar4985‘s story: Here’s her story: my day was insane. i went on the train when i wasnt supposed to go, so im grounded. but we went to the hotel first she came out but only took pics with one person and she was texting the whole time while her bodyguard pushed her into the car. i chased after the car for a block but it brought us back to the hotel then we lost them. so me and my friends ran to mtv and we saw a bunch of paparazzi and people waiting. cameron diaz was at a broadway show and demi was on alexa chung. so there were eight police they said if anyone crossed a certain line theyd be in cuffs. so when she came out she signed a few autographs. signed one right next to me i was jumping up and down tears in my eyes saying demi please take a picture with me she looked at me and walked away and took a pic with a kid two people away from me. so she wasnt that nice she seemed really fake like she only wanted to be nice when she had to be. so now i cant see jonas brothers this summer just because i wanted to see her so bad.