Lucky Fan Gets Silly With Honor Society


SO-M reader Soha gets silly with Jason Rosen from Honor Society at their last Pinkberry Parking Lot Party in LA. Soha shared her story with us:

It was the greatest day of my life. I’m actually from Texas and I was in LA as a grad present from my parents. I’d been hearing of a rumored going away PPP and I was like PLEASEE LET IT BE WHILE I’M THERE. When they first sent out that tweet about it while I was there, I was freaking out and so excited. So I went and after waiting over a year, my dreams came true. The crazy part about it was, I didnt even have to introduce myself! They all knew who I was, but right before they came out of their jeep I spilled pinkberry all over myself from how nervous I was. I quickly cleaned up and then Andy came out of the jeep and was taking pics with some fans and then turned around and saw me and stopped what he was doing and was like HEYY SOHA ITS SO GREAT TO FINALLY MEET YOU! We had a conversation and it was just amazing. Then I met Jay, he was going into pinkberry and then came right out when he saw me and was like SOHA YOUR HERE. He talked to me about what I’m going to major in and now I know what I’m doing thanks to him. Art is my passion. Next was Alex and he told me how he loved my Willis drawing and that he even sent it to his parents. While in pinkbery I spent most of my time with Andy, but then it was time to meet Mike. I was the last person he took a picture with while inside. He saw me and was like omg soha I cannot believe you’re finally here! I love all of your drawings you’re amazing at what you do. After we took the picture, he told me “come party with us outside”. So instead of going through the crowd, I went from the back of the chairs with him and we partied outside in the parking lot. Overall the day was just magical and i still can’t believe it happened.

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