Debby Ryan’s Search For The Missing Band Member


Debby Ryan makes some phone calls while her brother Chris takes to the streets with a help wanted sign in order to find a drummer for their band. Debby will be making her singing debut at the Terrific Teen Tour this summer and had her band in place with the exception of a drummer.

I had my song written, got my clothes picked out, Chris was ready to jam on stage with me & an electric guitarist and keyboardist fell into place. But after searching and searching, with little avail, we found ourselves DRUMMERLESS and time was running out!

This video documents almost partially accurately our search for a drummer for the Terrific Teen Tour. If you live in Pennsylvania or New York [or feel like a rockin’ summer road trip!] you should come party with us on July 9, 10, and 11.

The Terrific Teen Tour, which also features Mitchel Musso, Savannah Outen, Jasmine Richards & Tiffany Giardina, is July 9 [Wilkes-Barre, PA], 10 [Albany, NY] and 11 [Rochester, NY]. Purchase tickets for July 9th HERE, July 10th HERE, and July 11th HERE.